My Lip Blushing Experience at Haven Beauty Collective

Meghan Hatalla
4 min readJul 11, 2022
Haven Beauty Collective in Minnetonka, Minnesota

TLDR Takeaways:

— Research colors! Bring pictures of your favorite shades or, even better, your go-to lip color for them to replicate.

— Stock up on things you’ll need post-appointment. A&D cream or aquaphor for your lips, straws to sip out of, foods you can place directly into your mouth, and lip protectant with sunscreen.

— If you wear contacts or aligners, consider taking both out before your session (my aligners got a ton of dye in them, and my contacts were annoying my eyes due to keeping them closed during the appointment).

— Like all tattoos, this will hurt. In my eyes, the first pass was the worst, but Tara/Julie used numbing cream for the follow-up passes.

— My lips took about a week to stop peeling, and another week-and-a-half to land arrive at their actual color.

My Lip Blushing Story

I had literally never heard of lip blushing until I saw Julie post about it on Instagram, and then again when she invited me to be a test subject. But I trust Julie with all my PMU needs, from eyebrows to my wedding day look, so I said Yes!

The night before, I made a sugar& honey lip scrub and slathered on la neige lip mask. The next morning, I passed up caffeine (I am jittery with anything in my system, which is not great for PMU application!) and drove to Haven Beauty Collective in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Full disclosure, I have a lot of tattoos (partial sleeves on both arms) and have microbladed brows. So I had an idea of what to expect, but it was a very different experience.

I met with Julie and Tara, her trainer from Electric Beauty. The first thing we did was pick out a shade. Tara had a literal book of references and shades, different mixes of shades, along with the “healed” version of each. I chose a shade that felt more timeless than trendy, and Julie and Tara helped point me towards colors that would match my skin tone well.

Onto the Mapping!

Mapping is where the artist draws out where they’ll shade. They’re looking to create symmetry with your lips along with little enhancement, like a more defined cupid's bow. Note…

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