My Microblading Experience with Julie at Haven Beauty Collective

Meghan Hatalla
5 min readNov 2, 2021

Combo brows (powder and microblading), here we come!

Haven Beauty Collective in Minnetonka, Minnesota

I’m not sure who out there would say that they outright love their natural brows, but it isn’t me. My natural brows have a nice natural shape to them, but they’re incredibly light. Especially compared to the hair everywhere else on me, which is darker and courser. In this day and age, where thicker eyebrows are the big trend, I find myself taking the time (almost) daily to color them in so they’re visible in Zoom meetings.

Julie Phaxay at Haven Beauty is a friend from way back. We worked our first *grown up* jobs together (in an industry which we’ve both left), sharing a desk pod in an open concept office where we spent most of our time chatting on Messenger, trying to win things in the early days of Twitter, and breaking the office silence with stifled giggles. We don’t get to see each other often, but it’s always so fun to catch up and support each other’s endeavors. Which is how I wound up under the bright lights of Haven Beauty Collective, ready for my perma-brows.

Mapping Combo Brows

Mapping combo brows at Minnetonka, Minnesota’s Haven Beauty Collective
Julie Phaxay mapping out my combo brows at Haven Beauty Collective

I have a thyroid disorder for which I take a daily dose of levothyroxine. Any hormone therapy can affect how the pigment takes in microblading. Underactive thyroid can also affect the healing process. I also have fairly sensitive skin, which adds another element to consider. Julie was awesome in helping determine the most appropriate course of action, which is how we landed on combo brows. From Haven

Combining microblading and shading gives you the best of both worlds — the natural look of microblading with a little more definition. Microblading is first completed throughout the brow. Shading is a technique to create a more dense, three dimensional look. Shading is performed using a traditional tattoo machine and a sterile single-use needle cartridge that deposits tiny pixels into the skin between the microbladed hairstrokes to create more density. This is a great option for many including those who fill in their brows on a daily basis, those with little to no eyebrow hair, those with very little…

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