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MN based UX researcher and yoga instructor. Empath with a love of language, and working to get back to my heart as a writer.

Exploring Empathy Part 1

I’m 21 years old, on my semester abroad, and slowly making my way up the steps toward Sacré-Cœur on my first night in Paris. It’s dusky. The lights are starting to turn on throughout Paris and, from the height, the sight is literal magic. I decide to lean in fully to the tourist experience and order a crêpe aux fraises.

“Wait, does she know that you can get chocolate?!”

I hear someone frantically trying to get my attention.

“Wait, you can get chocolate! Don’t you like chocolate?”

That interaction set the foundation for one of my longest standing, closest friendships…

Exploring Empathy Part 2

“Acceptance is a small, quiet room.” — Cheryl Strayed

Trigger warning: infertility

Empathy is literally “other-awareness.” So I suppose that the idea of extending empathy to yourself becomes developing “self-awareness,” which feels particularly apt this week, as I think on my own struggle with infertility. Self-awareness grew out of the empathy from others toward me by reflecting my feelings and validating my sense of self.

My husband and I were never in a rush to start a family. He had a daughter, we had pets, our little home wasn’t exactly ideal for adding any more members. …

The Starbucks Earth Month has been offline for 5 hours and I’ve already tried to mindlessly access it twice.

For those who missed it, the game was a Tetris-meets-Dots addictive browser based bundle of fun. A perfect companion at nighttime when I need to get up with the baby but want to stay awake enough to put her back in the crib and me back to bed.

But with calendar flip to May, the game is gone as well. However, as I said before, the game took a lot of the best elements of other games out there. Here’s a…

Choose to Feed the Light

I’ve written before on how one can start to work toward finding your true north, but like all journeys, there’s more to add. Like I mentioned in that piece, finding one’s purpose or driving focus in life isn’t ever going to be a linear process. The steps won’t look like you think they should. And this summer has brought this to my attention more than ever.

I touched on this briefly in my post on time zones, and the idea that we’re all working within our own framework of success and accomplishment. Social media, as studies show, are starting to…

Creating a failure resume is actually a great way to highlight your accomplishments

Last week, I visited a new spa with an infrared sauna to check out. I took a route that wasn’t unfamiliar, but it’s not a part of the suburbs that I visit often. As I drove around a wide, rounding corner, I started to feel anxious. My mind tuned out the podcast that was one as I tuned in to my senses that were suddenly tingling. There was discomfort in my stomach, a gripping of the steering wheel.

And suddenly I realized that I was driving past the past site of one of my undergraduate internships, a massive insurance company…

Meghan Hatalla

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