Green Dream

Meghan Hatalla
1 min readJul 11, 2022

I have a dream that’s green
A hope that tomorrow will be the day
The day everything goes right.

I’m going to make the best choices
Without any inner conflict
Or competing and compelling cravings.

I’m going to make coffee at home
And not go through Starbucks
And order cold foam cold brews.

I’m going to be patient with everyone
And calm, and succinct,
Everyone will listen and respond in kind.

And when it’s time to dry the laundry
I’m going to know immediately
Like an internal alarm in my head.

And I’ll time dinner just right.
It’s so easy in my green dream to
Manage and manipulate our menu.

Bedtime is a breeze, there’s no
Crying or negotiating and I get to
Catch up on work without feeling guilty.

I have eternal hope that it’ll happen
This dream that’s so evergreen
If I just try a little harder tomorrow
It will happen.



Meghan Hatalla

Minnesota — based UX researcher and yoga instructor. You can find me as @megtalla in most spaces!